D-Link DES-1210-28P


28-P FE Smrt SW, 24-P FE PoE + 4-P Giga wth 2 Combo
nDGS-1210 switches are capable of conserving power without sacrificing operational performance or functionality by using D-Link Green 3.0 technology. Using the Energy Efficient Ethernet standard, the network will automatically decrease the power usage when traffic is low with no setup required. For environments not fully supporting the standard, DGS- 1210 switches offer advanced power-saving settings including port shutoff and standby, LED shutoff, and system hibernation based on custom time profiles. The time profiles can also be applied to the PoE switch so that unnecessary power consumption can be saved during off hours. The DGS-1210 Series switches can also detect the length of connected cables to automatically reduce power usage on shorter cable connections.
nAvailable in pakistan

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