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D-Link Cat 6 UTP 24AWG Patch Cord 1M Gray
nDescription:    Cat6 UTP 24 AWG Round Patch Cord, 1M, Grey    Type: UTP  Flat/Round: Round  AWG: 24  Category: Cat6  Color: Grey  Length: 1m    Cable    Conductor: 24 AWG(7/0.203 ±0.007mm), Multi-cores ( 7 cores at the least) Conductor Metal: Bare Copper   Insulation Material: HD-PE   OD: 1.10 ±0.05mm   Average Thickness: 0.25 mm   Outside-Tape Metal: MYLAR   Overlap Rate: 25%   Drain Wire: …

36 reviews for D-Link NCBC6UGRYR11

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